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Event: HIV Workshop Essen

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„Symposium on HIV Immunology,
Vaccine, and Cure Research“
The Insitute for Translational HIV Research (ITHF) of the University Hospital Essen (UK Essen), under the direction of Prof. Dr. Ulf Ditmer and Prof. Dr. Stefan Esser, is proud to host the first HIV workshop in Essen entitled "Symposium on HIV Immunology, Vaccine, and Cure Research".
This event will feature keynote talks from renowned experts in their fields including Prof. Dr. Daniel Sauter (University Hospital Tübingen), Dr. Laura McCoy (University College London), and Dr. Björn Jensen (University Hospital Düsseldorf). We invite you to participate, to share your latest HIV related research, and to connect with us!
The participation fee for this event is 50 € per person. To register please send your name, affiliation, and an abstract (300 words maximum excluding the title) in a single Word file (.docx) to until 28th February, 2023.
With best regards,
Jun.-Prof. Dr. Christina Karsten
PD Dr. Kathrin Sutter
Dr. Roland Schwarzer


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