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Aid organizations

We would like to support charities and therefore offer a discount of 50% on all license models to all clubs that meet our eligibility criteria. The discount is only applicable in combination of a term of at least 6 months. Please read the eligibility criteria carefully
Read here which clubs are eligible "

Larger billing period

If a larger billing period is chosen instead of a monthly payment, we will grant an additional bonus of 10% for a contract period of 6 months and 15% for a contract period of 12 months. This discount is calculated after deducting all other discounts.

Reliable, fast & personal support

Average response time under 2 hours, within business hours

Updates and maintenance included in the price

Over 99.9% availability of our service in the last 6 months

Regular enhancements at no extra charge

A total of 17 free software updates in the last 12 months

Co-determination in the ideas community

Over 278 customer-suggested enhancements implemented